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Masters of Calm – is a healthy living, active and conscious summer festival.  Can you imagine ten days of inspiring holidays spent i nature? Each year festival gathers several thousand nature lovers who are striving to celebrate all that is best in wellbeing and lifestyle, revealing the potential of their body and mind. People are eager to find the secret of healthy and happy life so they look for the ways to practise healthy lifestyle, seek for knowledge, study deep life truths and are driven by life changing adventures.
At Masters of Calm you can bond with many like-minded people who value quality recreation and want to have an unforgettable summer experience and inspiring journey of self discovery. 
Festival takes place in Lithuania, healthy living center named “Auksinė giria” on August 2 – 12, 2019.  You can choose the length of your experience from 1 to whole 10 days. 


There is very simple story of my journey with Masters of Calm festival.
During the time I was interested in coaching, yoga, spiritual practises, I discovered such a great variety of self discovery ways that I got confused what is real and what is fake. I was looking for an event, where I could try different practises and experiences at the same place. I couldnt find any, so decided to organise one myself. I found many teachers/ masters of distinct practises, who have great experience and know where they are leading people. Knowing the fact that this sphere is new, I thought I will learn a lot myself and also earn a million.
Oh great naivety.
During first Masters of Calm festival I did not enter any of those clasess. I dont event remember whether I had time to sleep. I got in depts, because this event not only gave me great moral satisfaction, but finansial loss also.

So to say, monkey business.
I have learnt so many things that year. I understood what is human relationship and friendship really is. I felt what the act of service really means, how to spot good quality training, what is the power of nature and simplicity. And those lessons still continue.
Last year one of my dreams came true – more than 1000 people had lunch together at the festival.
If you haven’t been there – come. But I worn you, it is very hard to leave.

Festival organizer




Darius Ražauskas

Darius Ražauskas

Popular lecturer, coacher, realationship expert and trainer of personal  leadership. He has practise of more than 1000 lectures on various topics for lithuanian and foreign companies, organizations, embasies, NGO’s.


Anshu Singh

Anshu Singh

Anshu Singh practiced yoga, meditation and spirituality for 20 years. She will lead Cacao Ceremony. The ancient medicine of Cacao from South American traditions opens the heart and gets us deeply connected to ourselves and others. This ceremony involves drinking a cacao drink prepared with a lot of love, organic raw cacao and spices, movement and breathing exercises and heart opening work.

Simon Haas

Simon Haas

The author of internationaly recognised books „The Book of Dharma: Making Enlightened Choices“ and „Yoga and the Dark Night of the Soul: The Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love“ . He is yoga phylosophy teacher, who specializes on how to adapt ancient knowledge in our daily life.

Diana Januškevičiūtė

Diana Januškevičiūtė

Diana pakvies jus į dainuojančiųjų Krištolo Dubenų garso sesijas, kuriose naudojami alcheminiai ir klasikiniai krištolo dubenys. Krištolo garsas mažina streso hormonus, širdies ritmą ir kraujospūdį, skatina pozityvias emocijas, pradeda ląstelių regeneracijos procesą garsinio rezonanso būdu.

Julija Minajeva

Julija Minajeva

Kalanetikos trenerė. Treniruotes moterims ji veda ketverius metus, o praktikuoja šią mankštą jau beveik devynerius metus. Julijos mokytoja – pirmoji Lietuvoje sertifikuota Callanetics mokytoja Aistė Gustė Jančiukienė, ADITI kalanetikos studijos įkūrėja.

Artūras Pangonis

Artūras Pangonis

Artūras daugiau nei 5 metus gydo žmones ir 3 metus užsiima hipnoterapija bei įvairiomis praktikomis, plečiančiomis žmogaus fizines ir protines galimybes. Festivalio metu Artūras ves paskaitas „Hipnoterapija – tiesioginis raktas į mūsų pasąmonę“ bei „Intuityvusgydymas“.

Martynas Driukas

Martynas Driukas

Visiškai save reformavusi asmenybė, įkvėpusi tūkstančius žmonių suabejoti tokiais žodžiais kaip „negaliu“, „neįmanoma“, „taip nebūna“, „tai ne man…“. Taip pat jis yra tėvas, šešių holistinės saviugdos knygų autorius, lektorius bei motyvatorius.

Taber Shadburne

Taber Shadburne

30 years of experience in Radical Honesty practise. You will learn how heal close relationships with full-body forgiveness, let go of shame, fear, attachment to approval, be completely and compassionately honest, go beyond blame and use conflict creatively, ask for everything you want, expanding your ability to give & receive, create deeper love, connection & intimacy.

Meet 2018 festival teachers


*VARIETY OF MORNING ROUTINES (yoga, sports, meditation) * LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS (more than 20 per day) *MORE THAN 70 MASTERS from
different countries * VEGETARIAN/VEGAN FOOD  (3 times a day) * CULTURAL PROGRAM (concerts, storytelling, theatre) *ART INSTALLATIONS *PARKING PLACE for your car *PLACE FOR YOUR TENT in camping area *CHILDREN AREA *WORKSHOPS FOR YOUTH
An recreation in beautiful nature

* Personal consultations and procedures, coffe and snacks in chai-shop is not included in the price.

Children ticket price: up till 3 years – free of charge, 3 to 15 – 50% discount.



Festival takes place in retreat center “Auksinė giria”, located in Asveja regional park. It is in the middle of pine forest, close to the longest lake in Lithuania. This is a kingdom of nature and pure air. There is everything you need to experience breathtaking adventure.


Ticket price covers three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will prepare warm, healthy and diverse (vegetarian/ vegan option) food. The food is served for an hour at the scheduled time so please don’t be late. You can drink water from the taps at the festival territory. 


There’s a campsite for tents at the festival. Remember to take all your camping facilities with you.  If you have a camper, you can arrive in it and live like at home without any extra fee for parking. Note: electricity and water is not provided to campers.


Our festival is family-friendly. Please do take your kids with you for this holiday. Let our team take care of your kids while you can enjoy going to lecture. Whatansu experiental camp leaders have a huge variety of outdoor games and activities and sleeping area in a dome, for smaller children.


You can find warm showers or refresh yourself in the huge lake.  We kindly ask you to respect the lake and use gels, soaps and shampoos only in the shower. Always clean bio-toilets and outdoor dish-washing tab will make your stay in nature comfortable and ecologic.


Seminars, workshops, meditations, workouts and other activities led by best local and international masters and experts. Most seminars don’t require to register in advance but some take a limited number of participants. You will be able to register for those when you arrive at the festival.

Ar žinai, koks elementas (žemė, ugnis, vanduo, oras) esi?



Route description here

Video guide that will lead you to the place here

Attention: after you pass small town Dubingiai, take the route 2812. After 4 km drive you will see the sign “Oro Dubingiai” on your right – do not turn there! Keep on driving straight and in about 700 meters you will see the next turn on the right with festival sign Masters of Calm.



What items should be taken to the festival?
  • The tent
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
  • Water bottle
  • 2 pairs of comfortable shoes and rubber boots
  • Raincoat and / or jacket
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sportswear and the exercise mat
  • Some clothes for the Holi festival – the ones that can be thrown away afterwards, because the holi powder is very hard to wash away. Also if your hair is blond, you should cover it, because Holi powder might leave some marks there for a long time 🙂
  • Some mosquito spray or other items, that help to prevent mosquito bites (the best is to wear shirts with long sleeves and long pants)
  • Towel
  • Everything you need for your personal hygiene. Our festival is environment-friendly, therefore we encourage you to use ecological, nature-friendly products.
  • Sun protection (SPF cream, covering of the head)
  • Flashlight
  • Your own plate, cup, spoon, fork (we encourage you not to use the plastic plates)
  • Swimming costume
  • Headphones (for those, who will need translation from English language)
  • Notes and pen
  • Also don’t forget to bring your openness for the changes, knowledge, communication and sincerity 🙂
How should I plan the lectures?
For the majority of the lectures it’s not needed to registrate in advance. If your ticket is “All included”, then you can visit any of the lectures according to your choice. If you buy the “Entrance ticket”, in the information center you will be able to get some “mainiai” – it will be your ticket for the lecture. These “mainiai” will be collected by the volunteers at the beginning of each lecture. Registration will be organized only for those lectures, that only a limited number of people can visit – in the programme they will be marked with “R”. To these lectures you can register in the information center upon arrival to the festival.
How to choose the lecture I should go to?
In our Facebook and websites you can follow all the information about the lecturers and their lectures. Everyday after breakfast and lunch lecturers will publically introduce themselves and shortly tell some information about themselves and what they are going to speak about. Also you can always come to the information center, where the volunteers will kindly explain to you everything that they know about the lectures and lecturers. So information is really easily available, the only question is – what is important for me, what do I want to learn?
How can I register to the personal consultations?
Just come to information center. Here you will also be able to find out more information about the consultations, massages and the other personal practices.
Can I return the ticket?
If there is no changes from the side of the festival (the festival date and place didn’t change), then the tickets are not refuncable. We encourage you to find a friend or somebody, who would like to buy the ticket from you (our Masters of Calm Facebook page might be helpful for his).
What is included in the “All included” ticket?

⁃2 lectures a day (you may choose anything of your own accord)
⁃Breakfast, lunch and dinner (all the meals are vegetarian, there also are vegan options)
⁃The majority of festival attractions (labyrinth, sports games and etc.)
⁃Evening concert
⁃A place for tent
⁃A place for your car or camper.

* Additionally you will need to pay for personal consultations and massages and sweets from the local cafe. Also you might want to buy some goods from our market.

Is it possible to sell my own items in the festivals? (some handwork and etc.)
Yes – we invite all the artists, artisans and creative people to join the market and sell their own creations (except the food). We are waiting for your messages and your portfolios:
What meals will be provided in the festival?
We will be serving hot, healthy, various and vegetarian, vegan food. We will all be having meals together, therefore food will be distributed 3 times a day at a fixed time.
I want to give a class on something or lead some sports (yoga or any other excercises) - what should I do?
Just write us an e-mail ( and tell us about your experience, explain what would you like to share with the people and also, if possible, send us some links about that.
Can I bring my own pet?
No. We kindly ask to leave your pets at home.
Accomodation in the festival

There will be a separate area in the festival, where you will be able to put your own tent. If you have a camper, you will be able to park it without any additional fee. If you are in need of some comrot, you can book a bed or the whole room in the wooden cottages, which have all the facilities needed. For this matter contact:

And, of course, there always is an opportunity to sleep under the stars 🙂 You will always find some friends for this!

Can I volunteer in the festival or help in any other means?
We already have the volunteers’ team for this year festival, but if you are super enthusiastic about volunteering and have the vision how you’d like to contribute to the festival, just write to us:
What time is the best for buying the tickets?
As the wise people say – do it RIGHT NOW. As the festival is approaching, the prices for the tickets will be slightly increasing.
For how long should I come?
Even one day being here will bring you happiness and joy, but if you want to experience the festival to the fullest extent, stay during the whole festival – 11 days.
Will there be any showers and toilet rooms?
There will be bio toilets in the area of the festival; also there will be “hand-made” ecological showers 🙂 Also you can always refresh in the big and clean lake of Asveja, which is nearby, but we kindly ask you not to use any shampoos, soaps and etc. while bathing there.
Will there be any activities for the teenagers in the festival?
Yes, this year teenagers (12-18 and more years old) will have a separate programme – Whatansu area, where they will have some lectures about the goals, time planning, emotions, relationship and many other topics. Also many nice activities will be organized – workshops and etc.
I’m a journalist and I want to make photos, film or write about your festival. Who should I contact about it?



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